Don't forget to Volunteer at the makerspace!

Meetup Events[edit]

Events that we hold around Maryland that are FREE to attend. From Saturday Electronics to Baltimore Bitcoin we aim to offer something for all ages. Click Here

Robotics Teams and Events[edit]

Our robotics programs needs brain food before an event, we also need to pay to register for events. Click Here

3D Printers[edit]

Filament to acetone, there are things we can only reuse so many times. This will also fund new printers. Click Here

Computer Lab[edit]

Mainly software licences (They are Heavily Discounted) Click Here


For the laser we need to buy new tubes from time to time. It requires clean distilled water. We are also working on the air assist and water chiller. Click Here


We use paper and pens too. Click Here


From transistors and fuses to all the different sensors and control boards of different levels from the Arduino to Raspberry Pi. Click Here


Rent, insurance and electric. Click Here