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Out with Members[edit]


  • OWI 535
  • GoPiGo3
  • Mechano


  • Sky Twister
  • Shuttle Express
  • Wireless Launch Platform


Laser Cutting[edit]

  • k40 40w co2 Laser

3D Printing[edit]

  • PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer
  • PowerSpec Pro 3D Printer

Wood Shop[edit]

  • 10" Table Saw 15amp
  • handheld router
  • wood carving tools
  • 16g 6.5hp shop vac

3D Scanning[edit]

  • Matter and Form Laser Scanner ( missing calibration cube )


  • 120v welder

Air Compression / HVAC[edit]

  • 100psi regulated air compressor
  • 25’ long 4” wide exhaust tube with blower

3D Filament in Stock[edit]


  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Natural


  • Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red x2
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Yellow x2
  • UV white to purple
  • Natural x2
  • Glow in the Dark PLA x2


  • Magenta


Arts / Crafts[edit]

  • Sewing Machine ( missing pedal )
  • 16” by 20” Heat Press
  • light fabric image transfer
  • dark fabric image transfer

Ham Radio[edit]

  • Heathkit
  • Hallicrafters model sx-42
  • Baofang UV-5RV2+

Computers and Parts[edit]


  • 15x Windows workstations
  • 8x Linux workstations

Disk Drives[edit]

  • 13x SATA hard disks
  • 1x SATA cd/dvd
  • 3x IDE hard disks
  • 6x IDE cd/dvd
  • 1x SCSI jaz drive
  • 1x SCSI Zip drive


  • 30x usb keyboards
  • 20x usb mice


  • lots of RAM

Power Supplies[edit]

  • a few ATX power supplies

Add-on Cards[edit]

  • graphics cards
  • RAID cards
  • network cards

Video Games[edit]

OEM vs New: If you have original produced games from when you were a kid that's OEM, if you went to amazon and got the 'NES Classic' it's easy to tell by the games being built inside the console.

Atari Flashback2[edit]

Adventure Territory[edit]

Adventure Adventure II, a sequel to Adventure that is built on its original assembly-based game code Haunted House Return to Haunted House, a sequel to Haunted House that is built on the original Adventure's assembly-based game code combined with graphics from the original Haunted House) Secret Quest Wizard (unreleased prototype)

Arcade Favorites[edit]

Arcade Asteroids (hack) of the original Atari 2600 Asteroids with the sprites changed to outlines to more accurately portray the arcade version Arcade Pong (exclusive to the Flashback 2), a version of Pong which can use paddle controllers if attached Asteroids Deluxe (exclusive) Battlezone Centipede Lunar Lander (exclusive) Millipede Missile Command Space Duel (exclusive)

Skill and Action Zone[edit]

3D Tic-Tac-Toe Aquaventure (unreleased prototype) Atari Climber (homebrew), released in 2004 as Climber 5 Combat Combat 2 (unreleased prototype) Dodge 'Em Fatal Run (only released in Europe) Frog Pond (unreleased prototype) Hangman Human Cannonball Maze Craze Off the Wall Outlaw Pitfall! (originally released by Activision) Radar Lock River Raid (originally released by Activision) Save Mary (unreleased prototype) Video Checkers Video Chess

Space Station[edit]

Caverns of Mars (exclusive) Quadrun (originally sold only by mail order through the Atari fan club) Saboteur (unreleased prototype) Space War Yars' Return (exclusive sequel to Yars' Revenge built on its original assembly-based game code) Yars' Revenge

Paddle Games[edit]

The console also includes two hidden titles which require the use of paddle controllers. The Flashback 2 does not come with paddle controllers, so these games cannot be played unless the user has an original set of Atari 2600 paddle controllers. To access the hidden paddle game menu, the user must press up on the joystick 1 time, pull down 9 times, push up 7 times, and pull down 2 times (this represents the year 1972, in which Pong first appeared). The code must be entered steadily and without pauses (enter it too quickly and it won't work).

Super Breakout Warlords

Test screens[edit]

Controller test screens can be accessed by holding down the select and reset buttons while pressing the power button to turn on the console. With the color/black-and-white switch set to 'color', the joystick test screen will appear; with it set to black-and-white, the paddle test screen will appear. These test screens allow a gamer to test controller inputs as well as the console's colors and sounds. On the paddle test screen, if joysticks are plugged in as opposed to paddle controllers, the game Off the Wall can be accessed and played by moving right with the left controller.

OEM NES[edit]

OEM SNES[edit]

OEM Sega Genesis[edit]

  • sonic the hedgehog
  • sonic the hedgehog 2
  • sonic and knuckles
  • Madden ‘94
  • NHL ‘94
  • T2
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • game genie

OEM Game Cube[edit]

OEM/Modded Wii[edit]

OEM Playstation 3[edit]